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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zentangle Ganesha

Dilip, one of my fellow attendees at the CZT IX workshop in Providence is working on a goal of creating 100 Zentangle Ganesha tiles by December 21, 2012.  He has recruited fellow CZTs in this quest.  On his blog, Dilip explains his lovely reason for wanting to create 100 Ganesha designs.

I wasn't sure how to do something elephant looking, so I opted for an animal stencil that I had.  I made my string to be the elephant profile.  Next, I filled in the background with IX since Dilip and I both learned that new tangle at our CZT training.  It seemed fitting.  :-)

Then I couldn't decide if I should leave the elephant blank like a reverse silhouette or fill with tangles.  I thought that leaving the tusk white was a good compromise.

This was a wonderful challenge for me to try to interpret something new into my Zentangle work.  I also love playing with IX and find it so relaxing.  I can't believe how close my aura lines are getting!

Dilip, thank you for the challenge.  I hope that my piece is worthy of your collection.  Best wishes to you on your artistic endeavor.