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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here we go "Loopy Lou": Diva challenge

I was a bit stymied by this week's Diva challenge posted by CZT Margaret Bremner.  We were challenged with creating a borders with loops on each side which ends up creating a bunch of smaller shapes in the middle.

I created my border then looked at my tile for a long time.  I put it down.  I thought about it and picked it up again.  Still nothing.  I didn't really want to fill each individual spot with a different pattern.

Then I figured I'd start on the larger segments and put in some Flux.  Still stuck, I put Flux in all four "corners" of the piece.

I liked the Flux and thought it would be fun to put something behind the leafy pattern to make the leaves pop up.  I looked at the shape of the string and thought of Isochor and filled in the rest of the tile.  This duotangle or "tango" ended up being a lot of fun once I got past my mental block.

I was pleased with the patterns, but I could still see my original loopy string inside of Flux.  I was SO tempted to get an eraser, but I have learned not to from Rick and Maria.  There are no mistakes in Zentangle®.  I took it as an opportunity to play with more shading.  I did my usual shading for Flux and then decided to use the back end of my shader to make circles in my leaf shapes.  I ended up blending in some of the string lines making the leaves have more color instead of really bold lines in the middle.  As always, it looks better in person, but I was psyched with how it came out.  As my daughter would say, "Yeah Mommy!"  Maybe I should give myself a break once in a while and just see what happens.  Zentangle® is really helping me with my perfectionist tendencies.  Thank you!

Hmm, what else in life might work better if we just gave ourselves time to get past feeling stuck?

Here is this week's challenge result:


  1. I am glad you took time to consider because it is lovely to see!

  2. Awesome tile, I love its simplicity. Great choice of tangles too, isochor makes a great background for your flawless flux.

  3. This is a very lovely tile! Here it is: Less is more!!!

  4. really lovely. a beautiful combo :)

  5. This is great, love your process and your Flux pops beautifully!

  6. I really like your choice of tangles. Looks natural and organic.