Friday, December 21, 2012

The Diva Challenge is 100!

Congratulations and thank you to the Diva, Laura Harms, on reaching her 100th Zentangle® Diva challenge.  Her blog is inspirational, humorous, and enlightening--about art, family, and life.  Each week she has opened up her life--the joys and troubles--to an eager audience.  Her stories and struggles remind me of why Zentangle is so important in my life and in many others' lives.

With Zentangle, "Anything is possible one stroke at a time."®

Even the difficult or stressful times can be broken down into something less daunting when we think of them in smaller segments.  Just think about the next step... the next word... the next stroke.  You don't have to figure it all out at once, and you don't have to put that added pressure on yourself.  Just take it one step at a time.

Laura, or the Diva, challenges tanglers around the world to try new ideas every week.  From new strings to new tangle patterns, we all get a chance for creative exploration.  We've created projects to honor people and events and to raise awareness.  No matter what the "challenge," Laura has given us all something special each week.  

If you aren't taking the weekly Diva challenge, I encourage you to do so.  You can start at the beginning or just jump in.  Read the rules, and get tangling!  All experience levels are welcome--especially since everyone can create Zentangle art!

This week's challenge for the big 100 was created by Maria Thomas, co-founder of Zentangle®. In honor of the Diva, we have three new patterns called "The Diva Dance."  I learned the new patterns and knew I wanted to do a Zendala featuring all three patterns.  I didn't realize how long this tile would take to complete!  True, it's been a crazy week, but I enjoyed picking up my Zendala over the days to add a little more Foxtrot, Waltz, or Rock n Roll!  These patterns really encourage focus and relaxation.  

I'm quite pleased with how this Zendala came out.  I hope you like it.  

Thank you Laura!

And 1... 2... 3... 1... 2... 3...


  1. Gorgeousness in a zendalla! I love the black being so prevalent in this piece!

  2. Wonderful, graceful "Diva Dance".

  3. How beautifully elegant your tangle is! :-)

  4. Your Diva zendala turned out so very beautiful! I love looking at it.

  5. Wow such a fine linework, beautifully done!

  6. I really like this in mandala form. So neat and yet so free-flowing at the same time. The little 'pearls' are just the right divider.

  7. Beautiful Zendala and use of the new tangle.