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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tangler's Block?

What do you do when you get tangler's block?  Although the Zentangle® method is relaxing and non-representational, it's still possible to get stuck on which pattern to create next.

When I get stuck, I often flip through idea books, my scrapbook, or ideas I've pinned on Pinterest.  I also like to look at some of my past artwork.  Sometimes I need something new to get me out of a tangling rut since it's pretty easy for me to end up using the same tangles for a while.

CZT, Sandy Hunter started to offer some kickstarters to help get over tangler's block.  She pulls four tangle pattern names from a jar, and we tangle with those patterns.  She's up to the fifth one so far, and I'm already hooked!  It's been great fun to learn some new patterns and to try to figure out how to put these tangles together.  I started with #5 and am working backwards.

#5 tangles:  Bridgen, Worms, Planateen, and Pendrills.  I loved playing with Pendrills.  I've decided to call this one "Kudzu" because it reminds me of the invasive plant taking over a roof and other vines.

#4 tangles:  Girlande, Popsicles, Tearce, and Sand Swirl.  Wow, did I love Sand Swirl!  These were all new patterns to me and a lot of fun.

#3 tangles:  Tipple, Ahh, Pokeroot, and Verdigogh.  I already knew all of these patterns so I tried to so something new with them.  I pictured a wreath at first and started with the Tipple in a circle.  I can't believe I did that without a string!  Next I built the inside of the wreath with Verdigogh and Pokeroot, but Pokeroot just had to jump outside a bit too.  

This has been a pretty fun way to spend an early New Year's Eve!  I may have to make my own tangle pattern jar to generate my own kickstarter ideas.  Thanks, Sandy!

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