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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tangle a Day

I try to tangle a little every day.  Whether I'm completing an entire piece, playing with a new pattern, doing a challenge, or learning about new techniques, I come pretty close to tangling daily.  I find that I get the greatest benefit from regular practice with the Zentangle® method.

We all have things that we love to do--crafts, sports, exercise, gardening, cooking, travel, and a wide range of other activities.  How often do we get to do them?  Of course some, like travel, are expensive and require time off from work so they don't fit into our daily lives.  What if you read travel guides and journals, researched your next dream destination, and put the money away for your next trip instead of splurging on a morning coffee or other item?  There are ways to enjoy the things we love on a regular basis even if it doesn't seem possible.

Fortunately, the Zentangle® method is easy to use daily.  Rick and Maria have designed it so it's simple, quick, portable, and removes all barriers to creating.

I'm happiest when I'm creating, but my past crafts had too many barriers so I didn't do them.  I complained that I couldn't find my craft room let alone use it.  I set aside time to prep the room but never quite got around to crafting in it.  My serene play space became an obstacle and something I dreaded.  How motivational and fun is that?

Thank you for tangling!  I have a lot of supplies of different sizes, but I can always keep the regular tiles, pens, and pencils nearby for instant tangling relaxation.  I bring a cosmetic bag filled with goodies everywhere I go--work, the car (for when my daughter naps), waiting rooms, and even the hospital for my daughter's surgery.

I worked in my 2012 "Tangle a Day" calendar by CZT Carole Ohl.  I wasn't that great about filling mine in last year because I worked more on tiles and other papers.  I haven't splurged on this year's calendar yet, but I don't see any reason I can't tangle away in last year's!

I brought the calendar with me to the hospital, and I drew strings in several boxes so I wouldn't get hung up with tangler's block.  I found the string ideas on TanglePatterns.  This page randomly features strings 36, 34, and 26, all strings I hadn't tried previously.  Unintentionally, I chose a blank page that happened to have the right date for the surgery.  hehe.

After last week's Diva challenge, I wanted to play around with Dansk some more.  I definitely like this pattern in a confined space better than free range.  It's very fingerprinty.  I've been on a Kandysnake, Bunzo, Jetties, and Purk kick lately too.  My Kandysnake didn't want to stop growing!

I worked on the left and center pieces during the surgery and finished the rest of the page and shading after my daughter was in recovery.  It was helpful to have this project to keep me busy.  It was especially nice that I didn't have to worry about how it would turn out.  Process... not product.

The process helped me relax, and the end product is a reminder that even in stressful times, I have a wonderful way to manage.

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