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Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the Sun Set on Stress

We had just accepted the fact that our daughter has to have surgery this week when she got sick with a bad cold.  I'm waiting to hear back to see if she can have her surgery as scheduled or if we'll have to delay.  I'm so happy I can tangle my worries away (ok, mostly away). Whenever the surgery happens, I'll be sure to have all of my tangling supplies at the ready.

Here is my fifth "sun" for my daughter.  It's a sunset behind some lovely trees.  This ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) was created with a stunning Dreamweaver stencil and several Splendor inks.  I loved how the trees looked when inked, but I was itching to do some tangling!

I couldn't decide if I should tangle the white trees or the inked areas.  I opted to tangle the white trees, but I bet I'll be doing the reverse next time.  :-)  I had to think about patterns that would work in the tiny tree areas.  After tangling, I decided to ink over some of the low branches so it looked more like a forest than treetops.  I like seeing some of the ghost branches underneath.
I adore these stencils and inks.  If you haven't checked out Dreamweaver yet, I encourage you to do so!      Wayne Harlow of Dreamweaver was in my CZT seminar.  It was amazing to see his work in person.


  1. This is glorious, Emily. I think I have that stencil! How cool that someone from Dreamweaver is a CZT.