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Friday, February 1, 2013

Tewksbury Tangles!

I love to see how each Zentangle® class I teach will turn out.  They're always fun--especially because each crowd has a different makeup and feel.  I love the fact that I learn something new in each class too!  

I taught at the Tewksbury Public Library last night for 23 people including a couple of people who have tangled with me previously.  The tanglers had fun chatting, visiting, and sharing ideas, but each time we put pen to paper, something very interesting happened....

When people are tangling, I love the audible sound of focus.  How can I hear silence?  I like to think I can hear the stress drifting away with each stroke of the pen.  In Tewksbury, I think the participants were the most Zen (I think I need to make Zennest a word) of any class I've taught to date.  Everyone was silent while creating their beautiful pieces.  It was wonderful to get caught up in that silent focus and relaxing feel in the air.  

Group energy can build excitement or cause stress, but did you know that group energy can create calm and peace?  It was a lovely experience!  Thank you to my Tewksbury tanglers.  Here is the lovely result of that relaxed focus: 

Didn't they do a beautiful job?  I'm so impressed.

One of the best things I learned in this class was a photo tip.  One participant suggested I put my mosaic board on the floor to get an overhead photo.  Finally!  I can get tiles to photograph that look like squares rather than weird oblong shapes that don't reflect the full beauty of the pieces.


  1. I was at this workshop and it was great! I'll be at the Billerica one next month. Can't wait! :) (And yes, I can spot my piece in the above photo!)

    1. Hi Marisa. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the class and will be coming back for a repeat visit. I'll make sure to throw in some patterns that we didn't do the first time. :-) See you soon!