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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What To Do on a Snowy Day

Tangle, of course!

Forget the stress of driving in the messy slush.  Relax after finding your front steps. Curl up with your favorite hot beverage and your tangling supplies.

Here's another piece in my latest experimentation with Prismacolor pencils on black tiles.  It's really fun to see the color pop.  I kept layering and layering the colors to see what would happen.  I love my Poke Leaf here.

I've decided on a new chop for my work too.  :-)  It's hard to read in the pencil though.

Before last night's storm, I had the opportunity to share a Beyond the Basics class with three of my regular tanglers.  We went over some more intricate patterns, played with shading techniques, and talked about strings.  Check out their tiles and their first time playing with Paradox, Zander, Betweed, and other fun patterns.

During the class, I learned that it's easier to do some things than to explain some things.  Paradox is one of my favorite patterns, and I do it pretty regularly.  For some reason, when I teach it, I get all mixed up.  It reminds me of when I used to teach aerobics and had to tell everyone to turn left while I turned right.    I think trying to tangle from the side throws me off on an intricate pattern, and working on a larger pad that isn't as easy to turn makes it a bit tricky too.  I think Paradox is much easier when I turn my tile.  Nonetheless, they got it!  :-)

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