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Monday, March 25, 2013

My Tangled Garden

Speaking of finding my groove, I am in love love love with creating these tangled gardens thanks to an amazing lesson by Meredith Yuhas at Tangle U.

I see many gardens in my future....

This piece is considered a ZIA, or Zentangle®-Inspired Art, because it is not done in the traditional black on white on the 3.5" square Zentangle tile.  I love working with the tiles and expanding into new directions with my art.

This piece is created with the standard Micron pen on Toned tan paper.  Shading is with a darker pencil along with highlights with a white pencil.  I added some metallic colored pencils in the little critters too. The critters and a few pieces were inspired by Marie Browning's class also at Tangle U.

At first I thought my Mooka/Flux morph in the middle was too big, but after filling with some Bunzo and shading, I am more at peace with it.  It's an overgrown garden, but I can't imagine what I'd weed!  I just hope there aren't any invasive species in there.  The pollinators seem to like it.


  1. That is just lovely! I'm still very much a novice and need to practice more. But, life is crazy hectic for me and when I squeeze in some "me" time, it's been with a book lately. I'm in the process of having my craft room re-vamped and will be back in the swing before I know it.

    1. Thank you so much! I think when life is hectic, it's even more important to take a few minutes for yourself. Even if just to catch your breath, read a book, or tangle, a few minutes can bring some sanity during a crazy day.

      Teresa, do you like audiobooks? I'm finding that I love to listen to an audiobook while doing my tangling. My focus is heightened by my tangling, and I love being able to read at the same time.

      Good luck with your craft room! I've given up on getting mine cleaned out anytime soon, and I'm glad I can do my Zentangle projects anywhere.