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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tanglers of the Round Table, er, Tile

When you try something new, does it sometimes feel like you need to wear armor or have a spear with you just in case?  It can be scary to try new things and to think outside of our regular mode.

Not so for my recent Zendala class.  Look at the great job they did!  The tiles on the left used a pre-strung Zendala tile.  On the right, the tanglers created their own strings.  I bet their filled in pieces look amazing!

I think working with Zendalas can seem a bit daunting because many of the spaces are smaller.  Most patterns can be created on a smaller scale.  You can also take the challenge to find new patterns that fit into tighter areas.  Remember, the string is a guide, and even if trying to keep the sense of balance, you can always ignore some of the lines to make larger areas in which to play.  Like practicing on a Zentangle tile, strings are there as tools, guides, or things to ignore completely as you see fit.

It's fun to think about whether to fill in every space or to leave some gaps in the design too.

Huzzah to the Zendala tanglers!

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