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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Bales Have It

I usually love monotangles, a work featuring different versions of a single tangle pattern.  For some reason, this week's Diva challenge working with Bales was not my favorite.  I love Bales; I think it's a nice, easy pattern with a lot of variations.

I used a big single Bales as my border.  It was fun playing with some variations in the corners.  I think what I was going for in the middle didn't work, but that's ok.  It's beneficial to practice and to play with patterns or ideas until they feel right.  Even in pieces that I'm not in love with, I can always find an area that I appreciate for some reason.  Maybe it's a pattern or some shading, or maybe it's the fact that I tried something new.

Through my Zentangle® practice, I've learned to let go and to accept that it's OK not to love a piece.  The important thing is that some minor dissatisfaction doesn't stop me from trying again.  With past crafts, I'd give up when I couldn't get something right. Knitting was not my friend.  I could do basic stitches, but I got frustrated which wasn't fun. I have a big bag filled with yarn and needles upstairs that I will probably never use again (time to donate!).  With the Zentangle Method, however, I never give up.  I know that this is just one small piece, and that I will have many more in my future.  It's so freeing to know this.  I relax while creating pieces and enjoy knowing that the process--not the product--is the most important thing.

I think it's brave to put a piece that I don't like up for all to see.  I believe in practicing what I preach.  Every tile or piece is part of my artistic journey, and even though I've been tangling for several years, I'm still learning and growing as an artist too!

My hesitation and feelings about this piece must mean that I have to try another one soon!

I love this art journal that I have, but it's difficult to scan because of the spine.  I end up having to take pictures so they're not exactly the right tone.  You get the idea though, I hope.  :-)


  1. I completely agree with a couple of comments you wrote! It is okay not to love a piece and it is brave to share a tile that you don't like all to see. (My 'kuke' on Diva Challenge #119 was a fright and I hoped no potential students saw it!) Also wanted you to know that your bales tile is pretty, balanced, and airy. :)

    Be creative and catch some happy!

    Jacque Solomon

  2. What a great post! So true. I hadn't thought of it like that before, but you're right. Unlike my dozens of other interests and projects, with Zentangle I keep at it...and enjoy it! Yet another reason Z is so unique and fun! I especially like the way you did the edges of your Bales tile. Cool.

    1. Thanks, Ann! Sometimes it feels weird to put up a post that isn't particularly positive. Then I remember that that's how many of my students feel during class. I think it's helpful to know that we all feel like this at times--about our tangles or other things in life. The important thing is not to give up! :-)

  3. Love the shading on your outer frame - simple, but it has really given it great depth :)

  4. What a great post! I agree with you completely and think you've done a good job of summarizing Rick and Maria's philosophy. As to your tile, while you may not love it; it's a nice tile with symmetry and an interesting composition.

  5. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you.
    I do like your tile, even shen it's not the best ever. And yes, it takes courage to post something you're not to pleased with, but I do love that we do that.