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Friday, May 31, 2013

Try Try Again

After posting about my first experience with this week's Diva challenge and my less-then-favorite tribute to Bales, I was inspired to try again.  

I started with a border and strings that reminded me of a landscape.  Immediately I knew I'd be coloring this piece in when finished!  I filled each section with a different variation of Bales and tried to play with the size and angle of the grids.  Here is the black and white result:

I had so much fun working on this piece and enjoyed the different fields of Bales.  I grabbed my new Tombow Irojiten colored pencils and filled in each of the sections.  I used every pencil in the Seascape Dull Tone, volume 7 set.  The pencils colored smoothly.  I liked working with them.

Here's the final, colored in version.  I'm much happier with this piece!  Even so, I'm even happier that I didn't let the first try get me down or stop me from making something new.  I challenged myself to try again and to play with my new pencils at one time.  I'm so glad I did.  


  1. I particulary like the pattern you've shaded with green - the two tones really create depth :)

  2. Wow the colors really make it come alive!

  3. When you add color, it looks like a totally different tile. Great job.

  4. Yes, glad you did and made this beautiful tile.