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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zendala, or, a Round Tile Walks into a Bar

It's fascinating to create Zentangle® art using round Zendala tiles.  Whether you follow a pre-strung Zendala, make your own string, or just treat the tile like a regular blank canvas, the results are all amazing.  There's something soothing and inspiring about working on the slightly larger, round tile.  I love having a little more room to play while still working on a manageably sized piece.

The latest and greatest black Zendala tiles are fast becoming a new favorite of mine.  Here is a tile I worked on this weekend.  I used a silver pencil to create a light basic string of circles and half-circles with a high-tech tool--one of my daughter's mini Play-Doh containers.  ;-)  Circles are very easy to find and to create.  Grab a glass, a plate, a pill bottle/lid, an old film canister, or any combination of these.

Here is my tile celebrating my mother and all of the wonderful mothers in my life.  I hope you are able to celebrate the moms in your life--near, far, or in fond memory.  Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great time teaching a Zendala class this weekend!  The attendees did an awesome job practicing on a pre-strung tile and trying their hand at their own Zendala strings.  Thanks, ladies!

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