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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tangle at Home

I love offering Zentangle® home parties.  People love relaxing with wine, friends, and the wonderful Zentangle Method.  Although we might not get through as many patterns or as much detail as in a full two-hour class, the fun experience, the bonding, and for those who are imbibing, the wine, make it all worth it!

The other night, I taught Zentangle Basics to four enthusiastic tanglers--two first timers and two who have tangled with me previously.  I love when friends and family members share their passions with each other!  After the class, people have a new interest to do together.

We worked on one tile with several different patterns.  It's amusing to see what people think of different patterns or the shapes that they see.  If you liked (or still do!) looking for shapes in the clouds, it's impossible to see tangle patterns without seeing intended and unintended shapes.

My favorite comment of the night was that the pattern 'Nzeppel reminded one tangler of patio stones.  She enthusiastically told us of her plans to create a massive artistic patio filled with 'Nzeppel stones.  :-)  I don't think I'll ever forget this comparison, or the fun personality behind the comment.  I know I will now refer to this pattern as looking like "patio stones" and will smile remembering the fun experience we had tangling together.

Students hopefully learn from their teachers, but it's even better when the teacher learns from the student.  Whether it's a new idea, a way to improve my instruction, or something entertaining, I love when I learn something while teaching.  It's a good thing I learn something new each time!

Here are the fabulous tiles this group created.  I hope I'll get to tangle with them again soon.  Didn't they do an awesome job?

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