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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Kiss

Do you remember the first time you kissed your true love?  

There's something about firsts.  They're special.  They're unique.  No matter how many times you try, they can't be repeated exactly the same way ever again.  There is something honest and freeing about experiencing something for the first time.

I love the excited enthusiasm I see and hear when I teach the Zentangle® Method to someone for the first time.  From the gasps of realization when people realize how easy a pattern can be to the "wows" when people see their finished pieces, people's first experiences with Zentangle are amazing. 

I had the pleasure of teaching a lovely group of beginner tanglers this past weekend.  Look at the beautiful job they did!  I love watching people discover the joy of Zentangle.  I feel it's an honor to be the person to welcome them into the community of tanglers.  
Do you remember the first time you used the Zentangle® Method?  How did you feel?  Even though my first time was several years ago, I still fall in love with the Method every time I use it.   

How do you feel when you do something you enjoy?  For me, tangling is a way to relax, to let go of life's stresses, and to reconnect to the world as a focused individual.  When the chaos of the world settles in my mind, I love to take a few minutes to myself to practice a pattern, to create a tile, or to explore my art.  Maybe it's my Type A tendencies, but I have difficulty meditating.  It seems selfish to me and is not the best use of my time.  I'm the type of person who multitasks while multitasking, and I often find it difficult to turn off my overly productive mind.  Thanks to the Zentangle® Method, I truly feel like I can bring my thoughts to a peaceful halt while enjoying some quiet and creative time.  I become transformed by the sense of calm and the freedom I feel to try new things with my tangling.  Without all of the thoughts and concerns, I can explore my art without fear or doubt.  I believe that clearing out my mind leaves me open to new ideas and new approaches that I would never have been able to consider while stressed.

How do you feel?

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