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Friday, June 14, 2013

Unlocking Grids

I sometimes think that it could be fun to do a whole class just on grid-based patterns.  It's amazing how versatile a simple grid can be!  Color in alternating sections, fill them all with smaller patterns, or embellish the lines for a woven look.  There are a lot of possibilities.

This week's "Grid (un)Locked" Diva challenge focused on the patterns and designs within a grid or square.  I created one piece using white Gelly Roll pen and black Glaze Gelly Roll on a black tile.  The texture and interplay of color was cool, but the piece does not scan well enough to bother posting it.  Experiment with this pen yourself to see how interesting it looks.  :-)

Instead, I will share a landscape-inspired piece featuring a variety of grid-based or grid like patterns.

The big question.... do I shade this piece or color it in?  At first, I thought I'd use watercolors or something else to color in the areas when I finished tangling.  Now I just can't decide.  What do you think?

It didn't take long after posting for me to color this ZIA in fully!  I used an indirect coloring technique with Tombow markers and a blending pen.  This was very fun to color!


  1. it's just screaming for color...or maybe it's They kinda sound the same from this far away. ;-)

    1. Phew! I just saw your post after I uploaded the colored in version. I wouldn't want to disappoint. :-) I agreed. It needed color.

  2. Did you scan it? Do another in shading to see what it comes out like. You've used have a lovely selection of tangles. I like it.

  3. Great, what you did. I would love to see what shading does to it.

  4. Love it.explain what indirect coloring is please.

  5. Lovely, love to see the before and after color. Both are beautifully done!

  6. The color definitely makes the tangles pop. Think you could get some similar effect with shading. Would be interesting to see it. Great job.