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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Putting It Together

One of the many things I love about teaching the Zentangle® Method is the way people come together in a creative atmosphere.  Something special happens when everyone learns the same technique and patterns but interprets the information differently.  Each of us is unique, so each person's art will be too.

At a recent staff workshop I taught, I tasked the 17 participants with an ensemble piece.  I cut up 18 small pieces of paper and drew a large "string" to divide up the space.  Each person was asked to complete one section.  When it's done, they will have a framed piece of art to remember the experience and to show that they could create something amazing together.  Talk about teamwork!

I couldn't leave them in the lurch, so I volunteered to fill in the last spot.  

Here is the almost finished version based on one class with me.  I think it looks fantastic.

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