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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thanks for Tangling

I had a great time tangling with a new group of people at the Center at Punchard in Andover.  The enthusiastic group included twelve beginner tanglers, a few with some previous art experience.  It was wonderful to share the Zentangle Method® with everyone.  
I think everyone did a fantastic job!

I love how each person makes the patterns his or her own.  Check out how different each version of Crescent Moon is.  Some are very bold and dark, and some have many delicate lines.  I showed some variations for playing with Bales, and each person used different shading and fillers to further make the tiles individual art.
During this class, I learned an interesting lesson about white noise.  I love playing the beautiful flute music by Rick Roberts during my classes to add to the relaxing atmosphere.  Our tangling space had a different "musical" option--that of the compressor of a yogurt machine turning on and off intermittently throughout the night.  

Sometimes our environment might not be the most relaxing--due to visual clutter, phones or people asking for us, or external noises--but we can achieve a focused sense of relaxation thanks to the Zentangle Method®.  With each step or stroke, we can let those distractions melt away along with any stress we might be feeling too.  Give it a try!

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