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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Day to Tangle

I love spending the day with fellow tanglers. This weekend I taught the My Tangled Garden class to a couple of my return students.  Since they've tangled with me on many occasions and have taken my original garden class, I gave them a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure style class and let them opt for the white garden on black paper.  We played with white Gelly Roll pens, white charcoal and colored pencils, and the new Zenstones from Zentangle.
It's breathtaking to watch the ghostly gardens appear on the black background.  We explored a variety of new patterns too.  Didn't they do a beautiful job?
Next the Tangle Club met and enjoyed a few hours of tangling, chatting, and sharing new ideas.  I pulled out a fun project for everyone to try--scratch magic papers!  We used some animal stencils to create a variety of fun and colorful critters.  The different colors emerged before our eyes as we made our selections of patterns within or around our animal shapes.

It's getting close to Halloween, so I thought I should tangle a bat!  I love him.

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  1. They're all beautiful! You have some talented students!