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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lucky 13

I am loving this ATC swap!  Here are three more I created this week.  I have completed 13 out of 53 and am on a roll.  I used several of my favorite patterns to complete these three pieces.

I love the two with the Twinkling H2O backgrounds and glue resists.  The greenish one is a monotangle of Paradox.  This pattern is interesting because it has different twists and turns depending on which way you form your lines.  I think the two versions look like fans and rigatoni!

The pink bubble card features the random version of 'Nzeppel.  I started with the space between the bubbles then added a magnified version of the pattern inside the circles.  I enjoy how the colored pencil shading makes the bubbles look like they're floating.  

The center tile features Cyme and Poke Leaf and some quick colored pencil.

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