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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The First Item on My To-Do List

Does your to-do list seem like it will never end?  
Do you feel like you're adding ten items before you can even cross off one?

My head was spinning this morning as I thought about all of the things I had to do today.  The holidays tend to pile up extra projects including shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decorating, and visiting.  While I love all of the items on this list, except for cleaning, I find the extra pressure daunting at times.

I started to make a list of what I had to do and immediately felt overwhelmed.  Rather than give in, I picked up a tangling project and my Micron.  It felt wonderful to slow down, relax, and tangle.  My mind stopped whirring and panicking about all of the little things I should be doing.  Instead, I enjoyed a few quiet, creative minutes with myself.  Here is a small, unshaded part of this ZIA:

I put my Micron down and picked up a regular pen and paper.  I then proceeded to make a realistic to-do list for the week.  

Of course I can't do it all in one day!  Who am I, Santa?  

The simple act of tangling for a few minutes allowed me to put everything into perspective so I could focus on what was important.  I figured out the few things I could manage to complete today and prioritized the rest of the tasks.

I'm smiling.  I feel calmer.  I am able to jump on that list rather than tackling it grumpily.  I love this time of year, and I love preparing for it.  Why should I let a little stress interfere with my seasonal festivities?  Bah humbug!

Next time I start a to-do list, I will remember to write "tangle" at the very top.   

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