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Monday, August 4, 2014

Square One: Cadent

If you're looking to get back to basics, there's a fun, new group on Facebook called Square One: Purely Zentangle®.  The group was created by CZTs Jenny Perruzzi and Chris Titus.  It's open to CZTs and tanglers of all skill levels.  The goal is to have participants post only 3.5" tiles tangled with pen and pencil in black and white.  There are a lot of great groups for color, templates, and other ideas, so it is refreshing to get back to Square One.

Chris and Jenny have started adding challenges for us to play with while we tangle.  This week they asked us to play with a favorite pattern, Cadent.

I was inspired by a stunning piece created by Maria Perez, which included an excellent use of the dewdrop technique.  I play with that one from time to time but have yet to feel like I've mastered it.  So this looked like a good time to try it!

I started with my dewdrop of enlarged Cadent and was pleased with how it came out especially after I shaded it.  Then my tile got a little wonky.

I'm not sure if I put too much pressure on myself or tried to make my tile too complicated.  As much as I know better, I, too, can forget to just trust the process and let the art flow.  I thought too much about playing with Cadent variations rather than just letting my dear friend Cadent evolve on the tile.

I built outward from the dewdrop adding a frilly layer, then some tendrils, and finally the outer band.

I'm not in love with this piece, but I am pleased with my dewdrop attempt.  I think this tile will serve as a reminder to me to just let it happen.  When I try to do something specific with my tangling, I get frustrated and lose the wonderful meditative focus that I achieve from my regular tangling.

The next time I go back to basics, I need to remember the real basics--love what I'm doing, breathe, take it one line at a time, and don't think about the outcome.

That said, I do kind of think this piece reminds me of a Quidditch snitch bursting across the tile.


  1. Thanks for being a part of Square One, Emily. I was happy to see your posting on our site and your blog link. Something to remember…we like to think of ONE as a tangle to focus on rather than a challenge. That way we can simply begin by looking into it.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Chris! I am so used to motivational sites, Zentangle and otherwise, that use the term "challenge" so it was in my brain. I will try to avoid that wording in the future. :-)