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Monday, September 1, 2014

And Bijou Was His Name-O

I am participating in a Bijou tile swap with fellow CZTs.  We are all loving these tiny tiles as well as our new Zentangle® friend's philosophy on life.

Our swap was to send five Bijou tiles using tangles starting with the letters:  B-I-J-O-U.  To learn about these tangles, visit

Each of my tiles features an individual letter.  Here are the tangles that I used:

B - Biscus and Birds on a Wire.  This was my first time trying Biscus, and I thought it was a very fun tangle to use.

I - IX.  Maybe it's because I attended my Certified Zentangle Teacher training in the IX class, but I've always loved the pattern introduced for my group.  The delicate, repetitive lines really speak to me.

J - Jetties, Jilli, and Jalousie.  This one was a bit trickier since there don't seem to be as many tangles that start with the letter J.

O - Ojo, Oke, Orbs-la-Dee, Onomato, Opus, and Organza - I had a lot of areas to fill and tried several new patterns.  It can be a fun challenge to try to fit patterns into small spaces like borders.

U - Umble and Undling.  I love the boldness of Umble.  I had never used Undling before and think I'll be using that one more often.  It has a subtle and effective look when shaded.

And BIJOU was his name-o!

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  1. All of the tiles are lovely. Such good work and detail on the small tiles.