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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For the First Time (in Forever)

I finally understand.

If you know my life (or live with a young child), you probably understand why I'm constantly singing "Let it Go" in my head.  It is impossible not to hear those hauntingly beautiful words and melodies when I'm in the shower, in the car, or just around the house--whether my daughter is with me or not.

Sometimes it can seem haunting to have a Disney song in your head incessantly, but I just love the idea of letting go (skimming over the Frozen plot points of leaving your family, hiding your true nature, and being a recluse).

When we tangle, we choose to breathe, to let go of our cares, and to trust that the Zentangle® method will allow us to enjoy some time to relax while creating interesting artwork.  I am especially reminded of this fact each time I am fortunate enough to teach a class.  It is a nice reminder to me about slowing down and recalling how I felt the first time I tangled.

In a recent class at the Burlington Public Library, I was especially excited to teach an entire class of seventeen first-timers.  This enthusiastic group did an amazing job creating their first Zentangle® tiles.
I love watching the excitement when people figure out how fun and easy this method is to do.  It reminds me of my early days and helps to rekindle my creative spark as well.  There is something truly magical that happens when people combine pen, paper, and pattern.

I love the sense of joy that is generated we people get together with friends and family, put down their devices, and share a little time creating something lovely.  Then we get to add in the beneficial relaxation and the feeling of creative accomplishment for an even greater experience.  We don't need to bottle that experience; we need only take out a tile, a pencil, and a pen to have that feeling all over again.

Whether it's your first time tangling or your 401st, I hope you let the Zentangle® method take you on a wonderfully relaxing journey each and every tile.

When you pick up a tile, you can choose to let everything else go (singing optional).

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