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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kripalu with Rick and Maria!

Maria, Rick, and Me!
I got to go to Kripalu!
I got to go to Kripalu with Rick and Maria!  Squee!

Okay, I'm over the shock, but I don't think I'll ever be over the amazing adventure.

I spent a lovely, although warm, weekend at Kripalu in the Berkshires for a Zentangle® retreat taught by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the co-creators of the Zentangle Method.  Several sessions were taught by their lovely daughter Molly too.

It was a beautiful weekend filled with visual inspiration, nature, creativity, ideas, and old and new friends.

I enjoyed several Zentangle® classes that brought me back to the beginning and allowed me to refocus my artistic efforts where I am most comfortable.  I have been veering down challenging paths of color and technique and feeling somewhat frustrated when my artistic desires do not match my hand's readiness.

I saw this weekend as a special way for me to reconnect with the art form that I love and to strip away the newly formed barriers that I have allowed to interrupt my flow at times.  I will still admire the amazing artwork I see and strive to be inspired by it, but I will no longer allow this art to diminish my feelings about my talent or my process.  I am an artist, and the Zentangle Method allows me to embrace my individual talent.  I don't have to be anyone else.  I will continue to express what is inside of me!  Even if a tile isn't my favorite, it can be an opportunity to practice further or to try things in a different way.  My journey never ends; it merely takes different directions sometimes.  I love knowing that I can always come back to the center anytime I need to for inspiration, comfort, and revitalization.

I have loved each of the classes I have taken with fellow CZTs as well as every class I have taught.  I learn something every time and am constantly blown away by how amazing this process is.  Still, there's something amazing about hearing something from the heart.  Rick and Maria are truly special people with a passion and inspiration that cannot be duplicated.  It was a joy to hear their love and joy while they taught again.  I learned a variety of new ideas to enhance my art and my teaching.  It was a thrill to be in such a creative room!

If the artistic inspiration weren't enough, the beauty of Kripalu and the Berkshires added to the experience.  Here are just a few shots from the Kripalu grounds.

In addition to the Zentangle® workshops, I enjoyed a Kripalu yoga class, amazing (although sometimes completely bizarre looking) food, and the peace that comes with a weekend away without distractions.  It took a little while for me to get used to the rule about no cell phones, but I did reasonably well.  I was thankful for a few places we were allowed to use devices so I could check in with my family.  It's hard to be completely shut off from the world, although it was nice to take a much needed break from most of the distractions.


  1. Wow, It sounds like it was awesome! You, should not be doubting yourself! You go! I always have loved what you do with your work, and Proudly have some on my frig, and have launched, and gotten great feedback from your cards!

  2. I was there also. Wasn't it fun and inspirational?!