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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy birthday, mom!

I haven't posted much in the last week because I was keeping my latest project secret until I could give it to my mom.

My mom loves frogs so I knew I had to try to tangle some frogs for her.  I used a frog stencil, like the elephant I used for Dilip's Ganesha, to create my border.  I couldn't decide how to fill the frog, so I started with the backgrounds.  I wanted something bold because I originally thought I might leave the frogs white.  I had so much fun with the backgrounds that I couldn't leave the frogs blank.  I tangled and tangled away.

It helped that my darling daughter was asleep in the car.  Each of the three tiles (only two posted so far) was created during a separate napping experience.  It was relaxing to hear her deep breathing in the back of the car while we were parked along the river.  Tangled nap times are my favorite!

I love how Braze looks like leaves in the background of this one.

Marasu makes this frog looks like it's getting sucked into a vortex.

Soon I'll post the third frog featuring a new tangle pattern.

After creating my frogs, I couldn't decide whether I should leave them black and white, usually my favorite, or if I should color them.  After Sandy Steen Bartholomew's lesson with Inktense pencils, I couldn't wait to try coloring the frogs.  I had shaded my tiles which I would do after coloring next time.  I scanned my frogs and printed onto some cardstock to test the colored pencils.  Obviously the colors aren't exact on this paper, but here are my test results:

I want to practice with my Inktense pencils on a better paper next time because I loved using them!

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