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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three Square Meals: Nourish Yourself!

Whoosh...there goes another week!

Especially when we are busy, it's important to take time to smell the roses, to tangle, and to take a few minutes for ourselves.  Work, family, and house projects compete for our free time making it easy to get lost in the busyness of it all.

Make sure to take some time--even just a few minutes--to regain some sense of focus. Your work, family, and mood with thank you for it!  Sitting to tangle for a few minutes is a wonderful way to calm your mind.  After regaining a little focus, it's that much easier to tackle a big project, deal with a difficult situation, or realistically face the mounting to-do list.

We can get caught up in a hamster spinning wheel, so to speak, letting the momentum carry us along.  If you stop running, the wheel stops, and you can catch your breath.  Once you're in a better state, you can start running again.  Will the world end if you take a break and compose yourself before starting again?

Take a break from the wheel to breathe, read, exercise, tangle, or do something that makes you feel like you again!

It seems so silly to point out to adults to remember to breathe or take a break, yet I, too, am guilty of letting that momentum take over my busy day.  I love being busy and am stimulated by variety and some chaos.  I have to remember to stop myself for my own benefit because I am still human which means I have limitations.  I can't work 24-hours a day.  I have to sleep and eat like the rest of us.  Remember, even machines need to refuel or recharge!

There is no weakness or fault when we take time for ourselves.  We might think this means we're selfish.  Why does that word have a negative association?  When we spend most of our days taking care of others in some way, don't we deserve a few minutes?  What if taking those few minutes makes you better able to do your job or to help others?  That selfish time makes you a better person who is better able to handle what comes next.

I try to tangle even just for a few minutes when things get too crazy.  My mental state improves, and I find it easier to not only face my obligations but also to find joy in meeting them.  Is it enough to get through the work day or a home project, or is it better to do so with a smile and sense of enjoyment?

Clearly, I also take time to pontificate about taking time!  :-)

Here is this week's string theory Diva challenge to work with concentric squares.  I turned my page with each square then filled in with my favorite triangular pattern, Paradox.  I love the depth and controlled chaos of this piece.  Hmm, interesting metaphor, no?

Here is another square piece I had created for a Bright Owl Zendala dare:


  1. Beautiful tangles! I wondered if someone would use Paradox for that challenge, but I was expecting to see it as a string, not a fill! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on taking time out from the chaos to recenter yourself. Tangling is so good, for so many things!

    1. When I did my concentric squares, I turned my tile creating lots of triangles. It just screamed, "fill me with Paradox!!!!" Thanks!

  2. Very nice, I like the way the second one is done with two colours, very clever.

  3. Very striking, Paradox is an unexpected, great filler of the squares!