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Friday, May 24, 2013


Sometimes people can do a little thing that can mean so much.  Back when my daughter was having surgery, I created art with some kind of sun in it each day until the surgery was over to help me get through that difficult time.  A few fellow tanglers created suns to share, and I was truly touched.

This week, I received a belated, but highly appreciated sun from CZT Sandy Hunter.  Sandy, like I have been known to do, created this piece but never got around to sending it (I'm currently looking at the tangled photo mat that I forgot to send for a swap).  After all this time, I had forgotten that Sandy had offered to make something, so it was an extra surprise when I opened the envelope!  I was touched by the beautiful ATC (artist trading card) that Sandy made for my family.  Her beautiful line work and color would bring some cheerful sun to anyone's day!  I don't think there's such a thing as being late with thoughtfulness.  :-)

To top it off, she even decorated my name on the envelope!  She tipped her hat and told me that the balloon was an afterthought thanks to her disruptive cat.  I never would have known!

Thanks, Sandy.  :-)  

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